blue donkey photography


Dale Burton

I’ve loved photography since high school (my first “real” camera was a well-used Argus C-3, shooting with Kodak Plus-X and Tri-X film), and I was introduced to SLR film cameras by a colleague in 1982. I’ve been capturing and editing images digitally since 2001.

I am a liberal arts graduate of the University of San Diego and Loyola University in Chicago (BA and MA in English, respectively, followed by an MBA at Loyola) who engaged in a 38-year career in commercial finance and banking before returning to more artistic pursuits. I recently retired from my “day job” which has allowed more time to be devoted to individual portraits, corporate, and organizational work as Blue Donkey .

The images offered on this web site reflect a small portion of my work. My approach to photography is eclectic and expanding, and I am my own toughest critic. I grab and interpret images that please me. Light that illuminates natural and man-made landscapes, creatures, human faces, and the spirit that the light reveals there, tickles that common human urge to “capture” it.

Here’s a little of that captured spirit. Enjoy.


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